L’union fait la force | Keynote Patrick Davidson – Online Conference LeTROT

KEYNOTE Patrick Davidson presented the innovation case study of the Dutch racetrack Victoria Park Wolvega, during the online conference organised by French trotting  LeTROT on December 19th 2020.

Here are the four key lessons learned

1. Understand the past (traditions, culture) to create the future.

Only when understanding our partners’ needs and traditions we can develop a future proof strategy that enables every party involved to realise their own ambitions.

2. Hope is not a strategy (stimulate experiments, use data to test innovation):

We innovate continuously. This activates our energy and pushes us forward. “Unless we progresswe regress” .

3. L’union fait la force (synergy)

No partnerships, no (professional) future.

4. Always do something extra (+1)

In times of crisis the Wolvega racetrack invested in its online propositions (see video). And they developed a studio which is now used for video conferences.


If you wish to receive the slidepack of the keynote just drop an email to patrick@betterday.nl

L'union fait la force- Keynote Patrick Davidson LeTROT - Online Conference - Innovation Case Study: Victoria Park Wolvega

L’union fait la force- Keynote Patrick Davidson LeTROT – Online Conference

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